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Our story 1

Jean Boudin


It all started when the founder, Jean, was a real estate agent in Berlin, Germany (as the business owner). Through the agency, he got two commercial properties, one to rent out and one to sell. The property to rent was an office space on a fourth floor in Kreuzberg and the one for sale was on the ground floor but was organized as an office space in Prenzlauer Berg, close to Mitte.

The agency already had commercial properties in the past. Publications on the main two websites for real estate in Germany were done. Then, he knew that potential candidates, business owners, were also using other websites like the main classified ads one and an international one still living in the middle age of the internet.

To be sure that he did not miss potential clients and candiates, he went to search if there were better options for promoting the two offers.

“There were no proper options on the market for listing commercial real estates where users could easily compare all types of office space.”

Jean Boudin

That is when Jean realized the quality of the websites or applications for commercial real estates and especially offices were very poor, not offering a great experience, a user-friendly interface and dedicated for commercial real estate or office space.

The first two biggest German websites for real estates are not offering strong dedicated approach and simple features around office space. Hard to compare the different options and offers, not all types of offers listed.

The other classified ads websites were simply not done for searching for an office space. They were first developed for listing physical products. Filters were sometimes not even an option between the types of the offer (rent, sell or sublet).

Through networking and asking business owners how they find their new offices, Jean learned that indeed search for a new office was not easy. Often office spaces go through hands because of no proper way to present them and a dedicated place for exchange. A recurring issue was also in the startup world the possibility to sublet or to sublease a part of the office space

Offices for Startups was born

Offices for Startups - Listing platform for office spaces

Offices for Startups came to life after realizing this absence of a dedicated platform for commercial real estate classified ads.

In the research and analysis of the listing website market, Jean discovered in other cities or other countries similar situations. There were also booking platforms, where listing an office space was free but once a candidate was found, the landlord or the seller had to give a percentage of the rent/commission, like 15 or 20%. 

That is not the case on Offices for Startups. On top of that, we developed great features to facilitate the promotion and the search for your next office.

Our mission

Simplify the search for office space for all businesses and the promotion of available office spaces.

Our essence

At our core, the will to change and to impact the commercial real estate market by offering better solutions on a dedicated platform.

Our promise

Constant working on making easier the listing and the search for office space. Keep a fresh, cool and user-friendly approach.

Our vibe

We like to dream of a solution and to make it happen.

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