Our FAQs

Main conditions for submitting an office

Who can register and submit office space?

Anyone who has an office space to offer and is willing to find a tenant. You can be:

  • The Main tenant willing to sublet a room or a desk in your office space
  • The owner and landlord willing to find a tenant for your available office space
  • A commercial estate agency or company willing to find for your a client the right tenant
  • A coworking space offering desks, rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

For rent, for Sublet or for Sale?

You can submit any kind of commercial estate for rent, for sale or for sublet. No limits in that.

Is registering free fo costs?

Yes, you can register on Officesforstartups.com for free. No cost will be requested by creating an account.

When do I pay?

You don’t pay for a Basic listing (up to 5 listings). You only pay when you want to publish more listings and you want to have your listing as “Featured”. When you submit a listing, your post will be first on top of the list. If someone submit a similar listing, his post will be first and yours will go down.

With a Featured post, your listing will stay at the top of the list and on top for 60 days. Featuring your post costs 35 € / post.

Can I get an invoice when I pay for Featured?

You can receive a professional invoice on demand. Please contact us via e-mail and we will make an invoice for the payments you have done.

What kind of office space can I submit?

Officesforstartups.com covers all types of commercial estates:

  • Desks,
  • Rooms,
  • Serviced Offices,
  • Virtual Offices,
  • Co-Working Spaces,
  • Shared Office Spaces,
  • Meeting Rooms,
  • Seminar Rooms,
  • Conference Rooms,
  • Event Spaces,
  • Pop-Up Spaces.

Can I submit residential units?

No, Officesforstartups.com is dedicated only to office spaces. Sorry, we will not accept any apartment, houses, or even beautiful villas for rent or for sale. We are sure that you will find even better options for submitting to the right target.

A city, a feature or a neighborhood is missing?

Your city is still not listed? You have a specific feature that no other office spaces has and you want to be sure to show it here? Your neighborhood is not listed? Then, please feel free to contact us and we will add what is missing.

When do I remove a listing?

You remove a listing when you have a tenant or a buyer. It is best to deactivate the announce. So the visitors searching for an office will know that your offer is not available anymore.

Can I leave my post forever and will it cost me something?

Yes, you can leave your post forever. It will not be deleted by us and it will cost you nothing if you leave it as a standard post. You only pay for having a Featured Post.

The standard listing is for Free and will stay for Free.

How will I know that someone is interested?

While submitting an offer, you will be able to add contact details: phone number, e-mail or websites. Please make sure that your e-mail address is working and you know where the lead are going. We cannot be hold responsible if your e-mail address is not working.

In first position, the e-mails will go directly to the e-mail address of the account. If you want the e-mails to go a specific account, you can have agents or managers by creating them a profile in the main account. If an agent or a manager is selected as the account manager for the offer, this person (her or his e-mail address) will be the one receiving the e-mail.

Still not sure? Once you posted an offer, make a test by making a request on your own offer. Then you will see where it goes and how it looks like.

Submitting offers as a real estate agency

What are the conditions as a real estate agency?

As a real estate agency, you enjoy the same conditions as other users. You can submit offers for free and pay for having a post Featured.

Can I register even if I do not have any offers right now?

Yes, you can register even if you do not have any offers right now. You can create an account, present the agency and the different agents and add your contact details.

Even you do not have offers right now, some landlords or owner could be searching for agencies to manage, to rent for them or to sell for them the commercial real estate they own in the city where your agency is located. So do not miss a chance and register today!

How is it with several agents / brokers?

If you have several agents managing different properties, you can have one main profile your agency where you can present the real estate agency. This would be one account for your agency.

Under this account, you can add agents or brokers and they will have their own access, can post offers and get directly the requests from the offers they post. On the profile of your agency, the agents will be listed as well the properties they posted.

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