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Anyone who has an office space to offer and is willing to find a tenant. You can be:

  • The Main tenant willing to sublet a room or a desk in your office space
  • The owner and landlord willing to find a tenant for your available office space
  • A commercial estate agency or company willing to find for your a client the right tenant
  • A coworking space offering desks, rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

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Yes, you can register on Officesforstartups.com for free. No cost will be requested by creating an account.

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A “Listing” is one ad/property/type of office (one post) on the marketplace. This Listing will be set into categories like the type of space (Desks, Meeting Rooms, etc) or the status (For Rent, For Sublet or For Sale). It helps users to find the right office in their search.

You are a coworking space, a property manager or simply a company offering different services, then you can add one listing per service/offer. It will allow you to be visible on the platform and in the searches of the users.

For example, you have several rooms to rent in your office. The best is to make one listing per room. So you can add the price per room and different pictures of each room. Or a coworking space, you have different offers like a hot desk or team room. You should publish one listing per type of desk or per room.

  • Office spaces: independant office surface, mostly occupied by one business or company
  • Office rooms: one or several rooms in one office
  • Shared Offices: one office shared between different companies or businesses
  • Team Offices: office or room dedicated to one team, term often used in coworking spaces
  • Serviced Offices:  office or office building that is fully equipped and managed by a facility management company, also known as an office provider, which then rents individual offices or floors to other companies.
  • Managed Offices: ready for fit-out offices, directly managed by the landlord or the owner and does not come with furnitures or the strict minimum.
  • Remote Offices: office site located out of the headquarter, often in another region of the world or country. Also called Branch Office.
  • Virtual Offices: allow businesses to get a physical address and maybe office-related services without the bearing a long lease or inconvience of administrative staff.
  • Coworking spaces: location with workspace solutions and that has different services and offers for freelancers or companies
  • Desks: table with chair and other perks located in an office space
  • Hot Desks:  flexible desk allocated to a worker when required or on a rota system, rather than belonging to a particular worker
  • Fixed Desks: desk allocated to one specific worker
  • Event Spaces: location or room that can host events
  • Meeting Rooms: room dedicated to meeting from 2 persons, with minimum of equipment
  • Conference Rooms: large room to organise conference, e.g. auditorium and often provided with amneties to host events
  • Seminar Rooms: room and location to hold seminar. It often means that there is the possibility to host guests for the nights or other type of activities e.g. team building, often located in remote places, in the country side
  • Training Room: room used to train workers in their missions and is proved with specific equipments specialized in the required training
  • Presentation Rooms: between the meeting room and the conference room, a presentation room can held presentations, it means equipped for presentations and is less large than conference rooms
  • Media Rooms & Booth: room that a very specific technical purpose
  • Commercial Properties: woud refer to all kind of properties that are dedicated to any kind of businesses. In our platform, it could mean retail surfaces or studios.
For the good use of the platform, we recommend you to list one property/ad/listing per type of office/office to sure to reach the maximum visibility for what you have to offer.

You can submit any kind of commercial estate for rent, for sale or for sublet. No limits in that.

  • For rent: it means you are a landlord/manager/an agency of an office space and you are searching for the main tenant.
  • For sublet/sublease: it means you are the main tenant of a space and you would rent some of your desk/surface.
  • For sale: you are the owner of commercial real estate property and you would like to find buyers.

The content of a listing is important as it is where you summarize the conditions and what the users can get in your office.

Here a suggestion on how the structure of the content could look like:

  • What do you offer? What is included in the offer?
  • What can the users expect when they visit the office? Describe the access to the building, the office, how to get to the desk or the room.
  • List the perks and advantages of the office
  • What are the conditions to rent/sublease/buy?
  • How is the location of the office? Are they any subway or bus stations nearby? Any good restaurants?
  • Any extras? List them too!

Everything is good to make a difference. The more details, the higher chance you will get more leads.

The platform is in English, this is the main language of the platform.

But, if you feel more comfortable writing in your mother tongue, e.g. German, French or Spanish, no worries, we don’t judge or reject a listing because of its language. Take into consideration that most of the visitors looking for a new office will speak your language, so they will understand your description. Still, do not hesitate to a second part in the content / description with a small introduction in English. You never know which potential clients you might get.

For any first publication of a listing, our team will review your listing and approve it. It takes  24h working hours to happen.

We do not it to stop you, we do it to help you. You could not imagine how many small mistakes we saw and we are happy to help to correct them. So you are sure the visitors of your listing will understand better and faster your offering. It increases your chances and the number of leads.

In the case of big issues or unclear conditions in the offer, we will contact you directly.

Manage my properties (you need to have an account to see this page – create an account)

While submitting an offer, you will be able to add contact details: phone number, e-mail or websites. Please make sure that your e-mail address is working and you know where the leads are going. We cannot be held responsible if your e-mail address is not working.

In the first position, the e-mails will go directly to the e-mail address of the account. If you want the e-mails to go a specific account, you can have agents or managers by creating them a profile in the main account. If an agent or a manager is selected as the account manager for the offer, this person (her or his e-mail address) will be the one receiving the e-mail.

Still not sure? Once you posted an offer, make a test by making a request on your own offer. Then you will see where it goes and how it looks like.

On top, you can get data for the traffic on your listings thanks our Insights. You can see the number of visits in the last 24h, last 7 or 30 days.

First, create an account and complete your profile completely. Indeed, most of the spaces forgot to complete their profile, add a logo and more information. On the platform, the person searching for a space want to know a bit of who you are before contacting you.

Second, use all the aspects and the functionalities of the platform. You are a coworking space and you offer different kind of services. Then, do not list only in the category Coworking Spaces. Create a listing in Desks, in Virtual Office or Meeting Rooms. You can create up to 5 listings for free, just use them!

Third, you need more information and or have questions around the platform. Please feel free to contact us.

You pay when you upgrade for a Package with more listings or a listing to be Featured.

You don’t pay for a Basic Package (up to 5 listings for free). You only pay when you want to publish more listings and you want to have your listing as “Featured”. When you submit a listing, your post will be first on top of the list. If someone submits a similar listing, his post will be first and yours will go down.

With a Featured post, your listing will stay at the top of the list and on top for 60 days. Featuring your post costs 35 € / post.

No commission or no percentage taken on the rent or the purchase price.

See the Pricing page

(Small reminder: when you published a listing for the first time, our team will review before approving the listing)

You can receive a professional invoice on demand. Please contact us via e-mail and we will make an invoice for the payments you have done.

No, Officesforstartups.com is dedicated only to office spaces. Sorry, we will not accept any apartment, houses, or even beautiful villas for rent or for sale. We are sure that you will find even better options for submitting to the right target.

Your city is still not listed? You have a specific feature that no other office spaces have and you want to be sure to show it here? Your neighbourhood is not listed? Then, please feel free to contact us and we will add what is missing.

You remove a listing when you have a tenant or a buyer. It is best to deactivate the announce. So the visitors searching for an office will know that your offer is not available anymore.

Yes, you can leave your post forever in the condition of using the 5 free listings. It will not be deleted by us and it will cost you nothing if you leave it as a Basic listing. You only pay for having a Featured Post or in bigger Packages.

The Basic Package is for free with up to 5 listings and will stay for free.

You have more than 5 listings, then the listing will depend on the packages options upgrade you will do.

Submitting listings as a real estate agency

As a real estate agency, you enjoy the same conditions as other users. You can submit 5 listings for free, upgrade with Packages or pay for having a post Featured.

Yes, you can register even if you do not have any offers right now. You can create an account, present the agency and the different agents and add your contact details.

Even you do not have offers right now, some landlords or owner could be searching for agencies to manage, to rent for them or to sell for them the commercial real estate they own in the city where your agency is located. So do not miss a chance and register today!

If you have several agents managing different properties, you can have one main profile your agency where you can present the real estate agency. This would be one account for your agency.

Under this account, you can add agents or brokers and they will have their own access, can post offers and get directly the requests from the offers they post. On the profile of your agency, the agents will be listed as well the properties they posted.

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